Brian O'Connor, P.E.

Brian O’Connor, P.E., has extensive experience investigating and designing repair methods. He lends expertise to building-assessment studies, façade inspections and Local Law 11 reports of commercial, institutional and residential buildings. With a focus on buildings’ exteriors, Brian has detailed knowledge of a wide range of materials, construction methods and building types, ranging from the subtleties of historic masonry restoration to sidewalk vault designs. 

Brian takes a practical, hands-on approach to problem-solving so that the client’s needs and resources are prioritized. Under his direction, project teams deliver rehabilitation solutions on time and within budget.  

Brian earned his BS degree in civil engineering from City College. He is a member of The National Society of Professional Engineers and the New York State Society of Professional Engineers.   

As a professional engineer, Brian has worked on more than 200 projects during his career. The following pages represent a sampling of his work.