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B O N D   E N G I N E E R I N G, P. C. is a New York-based firm that specializes in Local Law 11 and façade restoration. We evaluate buildings and building systems and provide design for repair and restoration. Our team of professionals and specialized technical associates have worked on many properties including residential co-ops and condominiums, commercial office buildings, hotels, hospitals and churches. Our work includes investigative and rehabilitative engineering services for the analysis and resolution of problems within roofs, façades, plazas, terraces and structural systems of existing buildings. 

We provide integrated engineering and architectural services, including: 

•   Exterior repairs and restoration

   Local Law 11 façade inspections

   Roof replacements, leak investigations and waterproofing

   Historic preservation

   Structural surveys, design and rehabilitation

   Sidewalk vault replacement

   Liaison with Landmarks Preservation Commission

Our clients are co-op board members, property managers and building owners. We provide complete design and cost information so that our clients have a full understanding of each project, no matter the complexity. Explore our services for rehabilitation, inspection, restoration and consultation to learn how our expertise can work for you.  

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